What to expect

What can you expect in an issue of Maximum HP?

We want Maximum HP to be aimed primarily at the “Old School and OSR (Old School Renaissance)” community. However, there’s no denying the popularity of the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular RPG. We will be adding a 5E conversion section in each issue to help 5E gamers get that old school feel.

The OSR community is a niche market, a growing one, but still a niche. You can expect the same fun quality in Maximum HP as you could with all Fail Squad Games products and Kickstarters. We know publishing booklets and content of this size.

Not ALL systems can be addressed in every issue, but we will squeeze in as much as we can, from wherever we find it.

We will aim content toward anything from 0e to 2E and the common clones:

  • Labyrinth Lord
  • Swords & Wizardry
  • Dark Dungeons
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics
  • Blueholme

Each issue will have content like:

  • Adventure – A short adventure in each episode.
  • Story – A short story related to RPG, Fantasy, Sci-fi in line with the general theme every month
  • Interviews – With some of the coolest members of the RPG community we can find
  • Dragon’s Hoard – New items, treasure, and quirky bits to add to your dungeons
  • Dragon’s Horde – New or quirky monsters, encounters or extras
  • GM Hacks –   Dungeon Master tips, tricks, tools, things you may or may not know
  • 5E Conversions – A section with pertinent info to help GM’s convert to 5E with ease.
  • Appendix N – In-house articles, musings, letters from readers, or just anything we think is worth sharing


Each issue will carry a theme or feel to it. The first two are listed below

Issue #1  -The City Streets

Issue #2 – Insanity and Horror

Issue #3– The Secret World of the Fey