Subscriptions are not open yet. We will launch our initial release through Kickstarter, then open up subscriptions for everyone.

We are working hard to keep subscription prices down. We do this by selling ad space (but keeping it relevant) Doing most of the layout, art, core writing, and editing on the in-house team and from subscriber submissions.

Our issues are more like perfect bound adventure modules than magazines. The content may be magazine-like, but it feels like a gaming book.

We expect color maps, add-ons, and extras to ship with mods on occasion. Black & White interiors is a definite subscription cost-saver for readers. Lucky for us, it also adds an “Old School” feel to the issues.

Ric Martens is wearing the heaviest writer’s hat and keeping the creative direction of submissions on-track and organized. Lloyd Metcalf, as usual, has the Goblin Labor. That’s packing, shipping, layout, illustration, PR, Social media etc etc etc.

These tasks are set to be delegated out to make Maximum HP completely expandable for the future.

Scott Swift, possibly the best editor in the RPG world, is set to have final edits over every issue we release.