We accept submissions for writing and artwork for publication consideration.

Before you submit anything, please read our guidelines first. Then contact us with the form below. We cannot accept blind submission without outlining or discussing your expectations and our guidelines.

If your work is selected to be published, we will require release and contract.

Thank you, we are honored and humbled that you would consider Maximum HP as a place to get your awesome OSR content out to the world.

* Please note* At this time submissions of content are paid only if you are published at the rate listed below. We offer all published submission creators a 1/16 page ad space in our contributor section as well.

We don’t request anyone work for free or exposure. IF however, that is what you are seeking, we can up your ad size and other bonuses in publication.

We hope to improve our pay-out rates as we grow.


We love having art submissions as well. Art sells a good magazine. For you submissions please provide us with links to some of your existing works (somewhere online).  Your ad space in the contributor section is the same as writers.

MaximumHP Current rates

(includes ad space)

  • Full page color (Cover) – $200
  • Full page B/W – $50
  • Half page B/W – $30
  • Quarter page B/W – $15


For all sections and submission types, general payout rate is $0.01 per word after editing and a 1/16 page ad space.


Submission Process:

Before you begin, please read the guidelines HERE.
We need to organize this process to keep our heads on straight. The following are the ideal steps to submit work to Maximum HP:

  1. Contact us via the form with an inquiry or request to submit a sample.
  2. Submit a sample or a link to existing work for us for review. This may be previously published work, original, or commissioned, but it needs to be a sample of what we can expect.
  3. We will contact you with a request and contract. Our magazine has a theme for each issue. Horror, Fey, Deserts etc.. If we have an opening for your work, we will submit a request to you or perhaps request to use an existing piece if it works for us.
  4. Sign and return the contract. We cannot publish your work without this release, and outline of the work commissioned.
  5. Editing – You will be offered the opportunity to re-write or edit/revise your work before going to print. If we can’t get the edits in before deadline we may apply the edits ourselves, but will always attempt to retain the author / artist’s “voice” in the text.