Magic Item Preview: Goog’s Map!

We are hard at work on issue number 1. Here is a preview of one of the magic items that will be appearing in the first issue. Feel free to use it in your games, comment on it, or suggest changes

Goog’s Map

This magical map appears as a blank scroll until the person in possession of the mystical item speaks the name of a known city out loud. When the user of the map speaks the name of the city, the scroll reveals a detailed map of the city in a flash of light. When the user speaks the name of a specific location within the city, the map will show the most direct path to the requested location. While the marked path is the fastest route, it may not always be completely accurate or safe. Goog’s Map cannot find people, objects, or be used for overland travel.

When using Goog’s Map to find a location roll 1d6 and consult the following table. If the requested location is hidden by some form of magic, then the result will always be 6.

1-5: The Map works perfectly, and the character will be guided quickly to their chosen destination.

6: The Map shows the character a path to the wrong location. The GM should feel free to introduce a random encounter or some other obstacle that challenges the party.

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