Writer’s Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for Maximum HP Magazine

Whether you are a veteran writer or someone looking to break into writing, Maximum HP wants to hear from you. While we are more than happy to work with new writers, we also want to maintain a high level of quality. Not only do we expect high quality from ourselves, our customers do as well. If you want to write for Maximum HP Magazine, then read the following guidelines.

Submission Process:

We need to organize this process to keep our heads on straight. The following are the ideal steps to submit work to Maximum HP:

  1. Contact us via the form with an inquiry or request to submit a sample.
  2. Submit a sample or a link to existing work for us for review. This may be previously published work, original, or commissioned, but it needs to be a sample of what we can expect.
  3. We will contact you with a request and contract. Our magazine has a theme for each issue. Horror, Fey, Deserts etc.. If we have an opening for your work, we will submit a request to you or perhaps request to use an existing piece if it works for us.
  4. Sign and return the contract. We cannot publish your work without this release, and outline of the work commissioned.
  5. Editing – You will be offered the opportunity to re-write or edit/revise your work before going to print. If we can’t get the edits in before deadline we may apply the edits ourselves, but will always attempt to retain the author / artist’s “voice” in the text.

What we are looking for:

Original Ideas – One of the joys of working with the OSR community is all the great ideas out there. We want some of those ideas. If you send us an idea that makes us go “Wow, I had never thought of that!” we are likely going to want to put it in our magazine. While we want original ideas, we don’t want ideas that are so far-fetched they lose the reader’s interest.

Solid writing – Make your writing clear, easy to read, and generally error-free. You don’t have to be the most practiced writer in the world, but you do need to write well enough for us to understand what you are saying.

Original content – We not only want original content. Plagiarism is a thing we simply have no room for or desire to deal with. We are seeking unpublished content that belongs to you and you alone. The OSR market is not very big, for us to make this magazine work we need to stand out from the crowd and do things properly.


Before you submit – Contact us via the submissions page and arrange to send us a sample of your writing or artwork (or include a link in submission). This sample CAN be something previously published or something new.

Painful Writing – We don’t expect you to be the next Shakespeare. We do expect you to understand the fundamentals of writing. While we have an editor (the magnificent Scott Swift), he has a lot on his plate. The last thing we want is to hand him something that basically requires a total rewrite. Take time to proof read your query before submitting it. Run it through the free version of Grammarly or Right Writer before submitting.

Gender and respect – All Fail Squad Games publications are in gender neutral language. Especially titles such as Game Master, Player, etc. These are addressed as They, their or with a proper noun. We do not switch genders in text, fumble with he/she type writing or other clunky solutions. Addressing established characters as he, she or zhe makes sense, assuming a GM is a gender does not.

Content that has been published by someone else – Not only do we want to focus on truly original content, we also want to avoid any legal headaches. If your work has been published elsewhere, we likely won’t republish it unless there is a special circumstance we think that will benefit our readers. If it has been published, just let us know where. It may be something worth revisiting.

Tips to help your work get accepted:

Each Issue will highlight a theme such as “Undead”, “Fey”, City Streets, so we want writing to fit into one of the themes we are planning. For a list of upcoming themes look at http://maximumhp.com/issues/. Each month will have several returning feature articles that fit within the current theme.

Original Adventures – These are 3-6 page (2K-5K words) adventures based on the theme of the issue. If you want to write an adventure for us feel free to send us a short synopsis of your idea in the contact form. (see full submission process above)

Dragon’s Hoard – These are 3-6 pages filled with new items relevant to the theme of the issue.

Dragon’s Horde ­– This is the spot for new monsters, PCs, NPCs and the like. If you have a baddie of your own creation that you love to terrorize your player’s with, let us see it!

Stories – We are interested in original short fiction (2K-5K words) that fits the theme of each issue. (See submission process above before you write anything just for us)

GM Hacks – This section features tips and tricks for game masters. Have a devilish trap that you think would fit well with a theme? Great let us see it. Have some advice to pass onto other GM’s? Wonderful, we want to share it.

Ready to submit your idea? Great! Use the form on the submissions page to contact us. Keep in mind we are a small shop, so it might take a bit to get back to you. Best wishes!